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30 Jul , 2015,
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Alternate ad text campaign-level CPC bid to promote the construction of definition for the predefined rules from the rules of XML data, Campaing and flexible and customizable based on the mass of the structure AdGroup the creation of ad text and keyword targeting options for automatic notification webshop and keyword bid management and multi-class structure reflects the CPC or Negative Keywords Ad status changing – (products available, or go out of stock AD) Customizers the use of optimization algorithms to convert the ad text (Ad Customizers use) dynamically without the need to modify the countdown to the creation of advertising of the product and the removal of the Google Analytics data upload and management on the basis of predefined rules. Our tool is ideal for any midsize and big e-commerce portals, social shopping and travelling portals, listing sites and furthermore to any website that has a large number of products/service and would like to save time advertising those in Google Adwords.